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Doubland's new self-titled ep is about society, time and parents. All this according to an Indie recipe cooked up in a dutch basement

The ep kicks off with the song "I Can Feel". A Surfy Indie song with some Psychedelic Rock influences. Then the album goes a completely different direction with the song 'Off The Peg'. An uptempo song with social criticism. This song on the one hand invites you to dance due to the fast rhythmic parts, on the other hand the lyrics call you to get busy with 'Moral Ambition'. The last song of the ep is a ballad called 'Ticking On The Wall'.

Doubland - Into A Kind [COVERART].jpg

'Into A Kind', is about the efficiency culture in The Netherlands. And thus about time, money and art. This is the counter view. 'Being born is being given the world'. The song is about our quest for the space to be creative and to follow our dream. No matter how inefficient that looks.


Doubland's first single 'Ovidius' is a song about the jealousy of time. All the beautiful things go by like that while everything that is annoying always takes a long time.


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